Code of Ethics

Tecnoprocess, considers the strict compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all countries where it operates, a prerequisite of its business and intends to observe high ethical standards in the daily operation of their work: these standards and their underlying principles are collected in this Code of Ethics

The Code expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities assumed by all those who in various ways, help to achieve the objectives of Tecnoprocess, to holders of interests related to the activity of Tecnoprocess, management staff and employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers, owners capital and other stakeholders as part of the community.

Every person who works and collaborates to Tecnoprocess, is called upon to act in harmony with the principles contained in this Code of Ethics.

Particular attention is required to the management and managers who must ensure that these principles are applied consistently and must behave in a way that sets an example for employees and contractors. In particular the internal organization of which is equipped Tecnoprocess to comply with the provisions on health and safety at work, environmental protection and security of processing of data, it is experienced by us all as a fundamental tool for achieving business objectives and the image with which Tecnoprocess is known.

The Code is available to customers, suppliers and other third parties who interact with Tecnoprocess; it is brought to the attention of all those who have with it lasting relationships, formally urge them to respect the principles and criteria of behavior, in the relationship they have with Tecnoprocess.

This Code of Ethics was approved by the Tecnoprocess Board of Directors in May 2016, and below can download the PDF

The Chairman
Fausto Agostini