Tecnoprocess Automation is able to develop and follow all steps for the creation of a system of industrial automation.
The main activities that we offer are:


  • Process design of plant systems
  • Operating Specification
  • P & I Diagram and Flow Diagram execution
  • I/O list
  • General list elaboration (component list, line list, instrument list etc.)
  • Drawing IFCD for adjustment and control
  • Drawing IFCD for command, alarm, protection
  • Commissioning
  • Assistance on site


  • HW configuration
  • Software for DCS and PLC
  • Graphical display
  • Commissioning
  • Assistance on site
  • Service
  • Training course for operator


  • Single line diagrams
  • Electrical switch gear diagrams
  • Lay-out
  • Cable list
  • Interconnection diagrams
  • Equipment list